Medical Tattoo Supplies

  1. Dressing And Tapes

    Dressing And Tapes

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  2. Skin Preparation

    Skin Preparation

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  3. Ultrasonics And Autoclaves

    Ultrasonics And Autoclaves

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  4. Hand And Skin Cleaning

    Hand And Skin Cleaning

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  5. Anaesthetics And Antiseptics

    Anaesthetics And Antiseptics

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  6. Gloves, Protective Wear And Equipment Covers

    Gloves, Protective Wear And Equipment Covers

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  7. Tattoo And Piercing Aftercare

    Tattoo And Piercing Aftercare

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  8. Instrument Cleaning

    Instrument Cleaning

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  9. Surface, Floor And Couch Cleaning

    Surface, Floor And Couch Cleaning

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Powerline Tattoo Supplies offer a wide range of effective tattoo aftercare treatments which are essential and a must for every tattoo artist and allow the customer to keep their artwork fresh. At Powerline Tattoo Supplies we only select effective hygiene and cleaning products for the care of your customer and studio plus we offer a variety of medical supplies essential for the busy studio.

In the unlikely event you have any problems with any of our aftercare, hygiene or medical products or if you have any other query then please contact us as soon as possible via emailor phone on 01482 891165. Once contacted a member of our Powerline Tattoo Suppliescustomer service team will aim to resolve your query quickly and professionally