Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink

Eternal Tattoo Ink was developed by Terry Welker, an American tattooist who has more than 30 years’ experience within the tattooing industry.

Terry Welker’s passion for tattooing and the production of great inks has led to Eternal Ink becoming one of the most recognised and used tattoo inks throughout the tattooing world, due to their high quality and the vast collection of tattoo ink colours available.

  1. Eternal Basic Tattoo Inks

    Eternal Basic Tattoo Inks

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  2. Eternal Tattoo Ink Sets

    Eternal Tattoo Ink Sets

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  3. Eternal Black And Greywash Inks

    Eternal Black And Greywash Inks

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  4. Eternal Marshall Bennett Greywash

    Eternal Marshall Bennett Greywash

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  5. Eternal Zombie Colours

    Eternal Zombie Colours

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  6. Eternal Muted Earthtone Colours

    Eternal Muted Earthtone Colours

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  7. Eternal Portrait Colours

    Eternal Portrait Colours

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  8. Eternal Liz Cook Colours

    Eternal Liz Cook Colours

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  9. Eternal M Series Colours

    Eternal M Series Colours

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  10. Eternal Chukes Seasonal Colours

    Eternal Chukes Seasonal Colours

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With a range that now spans over 100 bright tattoo inks; Eternal Inks have become a must have for any tattoo artist. The range includes everything from lightening yellow, Lipstick Red and Wild Orchid to Graffiti Green and Portrait colours, resulting in a set of tattoo inks that would be a valued addition to every tattoo shop’s supplies.

One of main the reasons Powerline Tattoo Supplies stock Eternal Tattoo Inks is their high standard of safety. This reputation is not without merit as all Eternal Tattoo Inks have passed the tests described in EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1. This test ensures tattoo studios are using inks of the highest possible standards providing a high level of safety and minimum health risk for consumers.

Add further to this reputation for high standards Eternal Inks have also been tested by CTL® GmbH Bielefeld Germany who have been conducting tests on Tattooing Colours and Permanent Make Up for the last decade and their issued certificates are recognised all over the world.

They achieved these high standards of safety as every bottle of Eternal Tattoo ink has been sterilized using gamma ray sterilisation which kills bacteria.

This obsessive quest for safety and quality has led Eternal Tattoo Inks under Terry Welker’s leadership becoming one of the safest tattoo inks within the industry.

At Powerline Tattoo Supplies we put the customer first. So if you have query about any of our tattoo inks or your order then please contact us. Our team will always look to resolve your query quickly and professionally so simply email us or given us a call on 01482 891165

Notes:The Eternal label contains all the legal information according to the European regulations.