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Critical CX1-G2 Power Supply

The Critical CX-1 Gen2 from Critical Tattoos is the latest evolution of these reliable and popular power supplies
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The Critical CX-1 Gen2 from Critical Tattoos is the latest evolution of these reliable and popular power supplies


  • Accepts standard 1/4 inch clip cord and foot pedal connections
  • Pedal override button allowing the ability to run the machine without a pedal
  • 6 amp peak current, 4 amp true continuous current
  • Momentary or Maintained foot switch modes - Easy one button toggle
  • 2 voltage presets with a 0.1 volt adjustment resolution
  • Fully digital microprocessor control
  • Run at even higher amps on any coil or rotary machine
  • A larger and brighter display
  • Includes UK Power Lead

Technical Data:

  • Universal input 110-240vac 50/60hz
  • Precision regulated set point voltage 0-18vdc
  • 45 watt grounded power adapter
  • Built in short circuit protection

All Critical power supplies are designed to be mounted to a work surface using the supplied universal mount design (one supplied per unit). Mounts are supplied with magnets and allow you to mount on top or either side of your work surface. The magnets can easily be removed for screw mounting.

HZ, STL and Duty Explained

The “CYCLE TIME” is one full down/up cycle of the A-Bar; The quantity of full cycles that take place in one second makeup the machines speed in Hz (cycles per second).

We start at point “A” were the front spring first touches the contact screw and begins to flow current (Amps). As you can see for the duration of “B”, the front spring bounces on the contact screw causing the current to oscillate. This is what we call “Settle” or “STL” as it shows on the CX2 display. Settle is represented as a percentage of “ON TIME” so if you are seeing an “STL” of 20%, it’s saying that the front spring is bouncing for 20% of the machines “ON TIME” before it settles in. Generally, the longer the front spring’s free length, the higher the settle will be. Although a high settle reading suggests a less efficient contact interface, a better indicator of a poorly tuned machine would be an erratic reading.

In the CX-G2 power supplies, duty cycle is simply “ON TIME” as a percentage of “CYCLE TIME”. Rotary machines do NOT turn on and off so they are always running at 100% duty cycle. The G2 power suplies have a very fast processor and very precise current sensing hardware so our measurements and math are extremely accurate. You may notice that the duty readings are higher than you have observed with other power supplies.

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