TatSoul Pride Cleanser (24 pack)

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There are a number of benefits to a carefully produced cleanser like this one, with a selection of natural ingredients that ensure a softer application, and that are all plant based which of course makes this a completely vegetarian and vegan friendly option of aftercare. This isn?t just a natural, gentle on skin product, but an effective one, helping to protect your new tattoo while offering anti-aging agents in the form of coconut oil extracts to protect the vibrant colours of your tattoo from fading, and preserving the skin around the tattoo in the process. It doesn?t matter whether you?re applying this to an old tattoo or a new, it is certain to protect against colour fading.
When you get a tattoo you do of course want to protect it, and of course as an artist it is important to you that your artwork lasts on the skin. Aside from educating your clients about proper aftercare you can also supply them with the appropriate aftercare options, such as this. Because we supply this aftercare cleaner in a pack of 24 you can be confident that you have enough to give your clients what they need, and it means that rather than just sending them away to purchase an aftercare product for themselves you can be confident that they are using something you would recommend, and you can even show them how to use it properly before they leave. This is an aftercare product that has been produced with the new tattoo in mind; the bottle includes a foam pump design, which allows the cleanser to be gentle applied to a fresh tattoo without the discomfort or excessive scrubbing that is involved in the application of some of the alternatives. The ingredients have been specifically chosen to provide you with results you will love, and all of the ingredients are plant based and natural, making it an excellent option for vegans, the product is also free of any dyes or fragrances, making it a softer option for those with allergies or sensitive skin. One thing that many customers love about this product is that it contained coconut oil, which contains anti-aging elements; preserving the skin just as well as it preserves the tattoo.