Braun Introcan 16g Grey (50-Pack)

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Braun Introcan 16g Grey

Braun Introcan Piercing Needles

Available in packs of 50 in 6 different sizes:

14g Orange Outside Dia 2.1mm for jewellery 1.6mm Pack Qty 50

16g Grey Outside Dia 1.7mm for jewellery 1.2mm Pack Qty 50

18g Green Outside Dia 1.3mm for jewellery 1mm Pack Qty 50

20g Pink Outside Dia 1.1mm for jewellery 1mm and under Pack Qty 50


Single needles also available in the following sizes:

12g Outside Dia 2.6mm for jewellery 2mm & 2.4mm Pack Qty 1

22g Blue Outside Dia 0.7mm Pack Qty 1