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TATsoul 370-S Tattoo Client Chair

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TatSoul 370-s Tattoo Client Chair is a brand new patented chair which comes with a range of fantastic features to make your life easier while tattooing and improve the clients comfort. This chair is great for tattooing difficult areas and for long-sit sessions. It has removable arm rests and a straddle feature which makes getting the back tattooed much more comfortable. It has a slim, sleek design which will fit comfortable in both large and small studios and it has leg extensions for taller clients and additional wing attachment for larger clients.

TatSoul 370-s Tattoo Client Chair is the height of comfort both the tattoo artist and the client. It has a patented design that offers a smaller footprint and has a large range of functions. It has a seated face forward position and also a face down position that allows for a great deal of versatility. The chair includes a revolutionary straddle position that means the clients can be as comfortable as possible whilst getting their upper and lower back tattooed. The arm rests are removable and feature a patented click-lock system and independently adjustable leg rest you can make sure both you are in the best position possible for tattooing. This chair is great for long-session tattooing and for hard to reach awkward places. As with all TatSoul furniture models, this chair has been made from reinforced steel making it both sturdy and reliable. We even offer wing attachments for the chair which can be purchased separately for larger clients. There is a removable headrest and removable pillow and an improved plush comfort face hole.