SureGlide 3-7 Liner Tip

These high quality reusable plastic tips are designed specifically to enhance your performance as a tattoo artist. This is made of autoclaveable plastic and can be used with 3 to 7 liner needles. These fit into most 3 piece grip and tube setup. Sure Glide tips also allow visualisation of true colour on a natural surface, meaning that there is less dulling of white or light toned inks. They are made from FDA approved surgical plastic and are suitable for use with a wide range of tattoo machines. These superb tips are also available in magnum configurations in a variety of sizes.
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These high quality tips from Alla Prima are part of the Sure Glide range. They have recognised there are several problems with standard tips. This includes the fact that they inevitably wear down, which can affect the performance of the needles, as well as grinding stainless steel into the tattoo. This is a very negative experience for the client as it can sometimes cause reactions, as well as affecting the healing process. In addition to this, lighter colours of ink such as white can dull and change colour in the tube, affecting the shade that is added to the tattoo. With these high grade plastic tips, these issues are eliminated. They are a professional tattoo product and can be completely autoclaved, meaning they can be reused time and time again. This reduces waste and saves money in the long run. This Liner tip can feature 3 to 7 liner needles. These tips have been specially designed and have a revolutionary spiral rifle groove in the funnel of the tip. This helps to break the surface tension of the pigment and allows a consistent flow down the tip. These tips are great for black and grey work but really show their performance value when used with colour line work. No longer worry about clogs and inconsistent patchy ink flow with these tips from Alla Prima.