SureGlide 9 Magnum Tip

These reusable plastic tips from Alla Prima are part of the new Sure Glide range. They feature a revolutionary spiral rifle groove that breaks the surface tension of the pigment. This means that it will flow more consistently down the tip. They work great with black inks but you can really see their exceptional performance when used with coloured inks. They also don't have the problems of the lighter or pale coloured inks being dirtied and dulled when using these premium reusable plastic tips. Alla Prima are committed to providing professional grade products and you can be sure that these plastic tips are no exception.
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Ensure that you don't suffer the problems and issues associated with traditional tips any longer by purchasing these superb tips from the Sure Glide range. This is produced by the famous brand Alla Prima. These supplies are specially designed to enable the work of tattoo artists to be achieved in a smoother and more efficient manner. When using these high quality reusable tips, you will no longer have to contend with the tips inevitably wearing down. This can drastically affect the performance of the needles and make creating stunning pieces much more difficult. It also means you cannot rely effectively on your needles as they are no longer consistent. Prevent the issues such as stainless steel being ground into the tattoo, which can cause reactions and discomfort during the healing process. These tips are meant for use with 9 needle magnum configurations. There are a variety of sizes within the Sure Glide range, as well as Liner tips for your line work needs. These tips are made from FDA approved surgical plastic, meaning you can rely on them for their robust and sturdy nature. Being fully autoclaveable means that these tips can be reused many times and will help you save money in the long run by cutting down of the waste of disposable items.