Intenze Ink - Japanese Black

Japanese Black from Intenze Colours Tattooing Ink for tattoo shop
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Intenze Ink - Japanese Black - 12oz (375ml)

Intenze Tattoo Ink - Japanese Black From its inception in the laboratory by Mario Barth, to its home in the skin - Intenze is the world's safest, most sterile and best looking tattoo ink!

Japanese Tattoo Ink - Wash painting developed in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Wang Wei is generally credited as the painter who applied color to existing ink and wash paintings.[1] The art was further developed into a more polished style during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It was introduced to Korea shortly after China's discovery of the ink. Then, the Korean missionaries in Japan, in helping the Japanese establish a civilized settlement introduced it to Japan in the mid-14th century. In wash paintings, as in calligraphy, artists usually grind their own ink stick (Japanese: sumi) over an ink stone to obtain ink, but prepared inks are also available.