Makkuro Sumi Light Grey

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Makkuro Sumi Light Grey has a lovely light grey tone and has been developed to give you the smoothest tones possible. There is no mixing required which gives you consistency in your work and allows for flawless injection to the skin. It gives you perfect a perfect shade of light grey every time you use. All Makkuro Sumi inks have been dermatologically tested and gamma-ray sterilised for the highest levels of hygiene and health and safety. Available in 125ml/4oz bottles from Barber DTS
This is a light grey shading ink from Makkuro Sumi. All inks from Makkuro Sumi have a fluid consistency and an intense colour which gives you a bright, long lasting finish. All their inks have been gamma-ray sterilised and have been dermatologically tested to ensure you get perfect colour and freshness in every bottle. It goes into the skin smoothly and is very fast healing. This grey tone has been developed to allow you to shade intricate and delicate design, giving you a consistent colour and finish. It is also suitable for a range of other shading, its versatility means you can use for almost any of your shading needs. It can also be mixed with other inks to change the tone should you require it. This ink is available from Barber DTS in 125ml / 4oz bottles.