Imperial Inks

At Powerline we supply all tattooists with an impressive catalogue of marketed Imperial Inks. The sterilised produce provide all studios with the very best of Imperial pigments. We are very proud to stock an incredible selection of the brand, which have been categorised to meet the needs of Colours, Greywash and Colour Sets.

With over 70 individual Colours at our disposal, Powerline promote a vast array ranging from Light Papaya, Old Mauve to Goldenrod. All of which are delightfully presented in a simple bottle design. Greywash sets available include Light, Medium to Dark, and for those more specialised occasions Extra Dark. The Greywash can also be delivered in a packaged set of 4 bottles. Along with Colours and Greywash, we offer an incredible arranged set of 66 bottles for those whom seek variations of Imperial Colour, and a further Uncut set of 4 inks to improve brightness for the modern day tattooist.