Intenze Ink Sets - Mike DeMasi Set x 19 Inks

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Mike Demasi fantastic Colour Portrait kit by Intenze is a must have collection of inks for any serious artist. The set contains 19 colours that can be mixed with each other to create the perfect hue for your colour portrait. each bottle of ink has been treat using sate of the art technology to ensure that it is safe to use and that it meets all European tattoo ink regulations. On top of this they have been made with the artist in mind making sure that they perform and deliver as you would expect them to. A great collection for the serious artist.
Mike Demasi Colour Portrait set it a stunning collection of inks that are used to create the perfect hue in your flesh tones. Mike Demasi the creator of the set designed it to be like an oil pallet similar to the colours you would use in an oil painting. A lot of the colours used in the set have been muted out to make them easy to blend with each other. They are all designed to work with each other in order to create the perfect tone for your colour portrait. In hindsight the 19 colour portrait set has the ability to be a 1000 colour portrait set giving the number of times an ink can be mixed. Include in the set is Black Cherry, Chestnut, Clay, Coral, Dijon, Dirty Beige, Ginger, Midnight, Mocha, Moss, Olive, Raw Umber, Raw Umber Light, Salmon, Sand, Steel, Sunset, Swamp, Yellow and Orchid. Each one of the inks has been sterilised in accordance with European tattoo ink regulations making sure that they are free of toxins and safe to use. Made with the artist in mind Mike Demasi ink set is a must have for the professional.