Atomic Green

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MOMs Nuclear ? Atomic Green UV tattoo ink is suitable for use with other tattoo inks and with show in both regular light and UV back lights. The only exception to this is the Invisible Fallout Ink which is only visible under UV lights. This ink is available in 30ml/1oz containers from Barber DTS. This ink is very versatile and incredibly easy to work with, however it is recommended that you use a UV lamp to make sure you are getting even coverage. These are some of the most vibrant and UV reactive tattoo inks on the market today ? try them for yourself!
MOMs Nuclear ? Atomic Green is part of the MOMs Nuclear Range and is a vibrant versatile ink. Not only will it show in regular light but it also be visible under UV backlights meaning you can bring a whole new dimension to your work. MOMs inks are 100% safe and contain no hazardous or toxic ingredients. They have one the highest pigment concentrations available on the market today using pure uncut pigment dispersion which gives you the vibrant colour shades. The colours in the MOMs Nuclear range include; Atomic Green, Blue Smoke, Afterglow Yellow, Invisible Fallout, Purple Haze, Radiant Pink, Raging Magenta, Smoldering Orange and Red Dawn. All of these colours will be visible under both UV back lights and any other regular light with the exception of Invisible Fallout which will only be truly visible under UV light. It is recommended that you use a UV lamp when using these products as visibility may be somewhat limited. This will allow you to get a much better even coverage on the skin. The Atomic Green UV ink is available from Barber DTS in bottle of 30ml/1oz. Add the MOMs Nuclear Colour range to your collection today and bring a whole new dimension to your work.