Raging Magenta

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This bold colour ink is one of the range from MOM's Tattoo Ink. This collection has a nuclear theme, all with corresponding names and properties such as "Atomic Green" and "Red Dawn". All of the colours are very bright in normal light but really come alive under a black light. All of these inks are easy to work with and apply easily in to the skin. Give your customers the option of having another side or aspect to their tattoo and include these great UV sensitive inks into their artwork. Add bold colours into your designs and make them stand out from the crowd. The ultra violet reactivity in these inks is one of the brightest in the tattoo ink market and doubles up offering bright and bold colours under regular conditions
Another in the range from Millennium Colorworks Tattoo Ink, also known as MOM's Tattoo Ink. These vibrant inks are specially designed to show up and be extremely eye catching under UV or ultraviolet lights. It will also show up as a bright magenta colour in everyday light, meaning you get the added bonus of your tattoo lighting up in a brilliant way. Many people choose to have these inks included in their tattoos so they have the best of both worlds. It can be a great party trick to make your tattoo glow and will show up brilliantly at nightclubs and festivals. All these inks in this collection are manufactured in the USA and fully conform to EU regulations. All ingredients used in these inks are also non-toxic and completely non-hazardous. These inks feature extremely high levels of pigment and are some of the strongest colours available on the tattoo ink market. Bring out the details in your tattoos with these vibrant inks, allowing you to draw the eye to different parts of the tattoo. It is possible to have two designs in one incorporating UV ink into a tattoo. The artwork can be transformed with just the flip of a switch and the tattoo lights up like a neon sign. These kinds of tattoo modifications are often favoured by those that are heavily into the clubbing or rave scenes as they have plenty of opportunity to show off the unique aspect of their tattoos.