Magic Moon - Ink Shaker

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This Ink Shaker unit from the experts at Magic Moon allow you to get the best out of your ink and pigment supply products. Ensure that you get optimum colour payoff when applying the ink into the skin by using this unit in your tattoo set up. In a short time of 30 seconds, your ink will have an improved colour consistency and will loosen any residual pigment that may be stuck inside the bottle. Shaking the bottles is not the most effective solution and can be both tiring and time consuming if you are using a wide selection of colours in your tattoo session. Allow this unit from Magic Moon to do the hard work for you.
This high quality Ink Shaker unit from Magic Moon allows you to truly get the best performance from your inks and pigments. This brand new innovation allows you to completely dissolve your pigments and get the perfect colour quality from your inks. There will no longer be a need to shake the bottles by hand to attempt to loosen the pigment stuck to the side of the bottle. This device takes the hassle out of using a variety of inks and pigments. The Ink Shaker from Magic Moon ensures that you get the best colour payback from your inks in possible. In simply 30 seconds, you are able to truly see and feel the difference in your inks when working them into the skin. It is very simple to use as you easily place the ink bottle on the unit and press the button for 30 seconds. It is suitable for bottle sizes up to 125ml. The Magic Moon Colour Shaker meets highest standards in terms of quality and usage. There is also a 24 months warranty included from the date of purchase, however the wearing parts are not covered.