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  • Tattoo Machines

    Whatever you call them, whether it’s Tattoo Machines or Tattoo Irons they are at the core of every tattooists work. Powerline Tattoo Supplies responds to this need by ensuring you can always find a tattoo machine which combines the right balance of quality and value needed to do your job.

    At Powerline Tattoo Supplies we have spent the last 30 years developing strong relationships with leading tattoo machine manufactures so you can always expect the best machines at the best prices. The brands we supply include:, InkjectaTattoo Machines, Eikon SymbeosTattoo Machines, Dragonfly RotaryTattoo Machines, Stingray RotaryTattoo Machines, CheyennePen, Thunder and Spirit, New York Tattoo Irons, Ronnie Starr Cast Machines and Ronnie Starr Fabricated Tattoo Machines.

    In addition to these great brands we also supply a great range of Rotary tattoo machines, so no matter the purpose of the machine you’re looking for whether it’s for shading or lining you’ll always be guaranteed to find the right machine, at the right price for you and your business.

    Although we pride ourselves on providing the best possible value that should never mean a loss in quality. To make sure the workmanship matches the high standard Powerline Tattoo Supplies customers have come to expect we test every tattoo machine you buy before we ship it so you’re ready to start tattooing the minute they arrive.

    In the unlikely event you have any problems with any of the tattoo machines we sell or if you have any other query then please contact us as soon as possible via email or phone on 01482 891165. Once contacted a member of our Powerline Tattoo Supplies customer service team will aim to resolve your query quickly and professionally.