Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment is based in Berlin and is always at the cutting edge of development and use of original technology. Long years of experience in the manufacturing of high-precision tattoo devices guarantee optimal products. All Cheyenne products are being manufactured with the latest multitool CNC machines.

After mounting, every device is subject to strict quality control measures.  Meanwhile, Cheyenne has an in-house R&D department as well as engineers who work hand in hand to develop the best machines to meet the highest exacting requirements. Only the latest CAD systems are used for the construction of Cheyenne machines. In close cooperation with tattoo artists and with numerous testings, an application-oriented development of the Cheyenne products can be guaranteed.The Cheyenne product is the only tattoo machine to use a revolutionary cartridge needle system which enables you to change tattoo needles with a quick twist of the wrist. All Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment is made in Germany.

WARNING!The following statement has been released by Cheyenne regarding unofficial Hawk cartridges:

  • Fake cartridges leak, are unsterile and grubbily packaged. Such cartridges are extremely dangerous, as they can spread contagious diseases! Also, due to the missing membrane they quickly destroy your machine.
  • The Original Cheyenne cartridges completely seal the ink feed, so your control unit and machine stay untouched.
  • All warranties for Original Cheyenne equipment expire!
  • Thus we strongly advise you not to use the cheap and unsterile copies of our cartridges with the Original Cheyenne machines.
  • All Cheyenne units are subject to maximum security checks and are constantly tested for hygiene, sterility, functionality and quality.
  • Cheyenne cartridges are of high quality, and they allow you to focus on what you do the best - Create body art!

NB: Your 12 month warranty is valid direct with Cheyenne. In the highly unlikely event that you experience a problem with your product, we will give you instructions of how to contact Cheyenne directly to resolve your issue.