Eikon Symbeos Machine Shading (slow) - Army Green

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The Symbeos Slow Shading Machine has a soft-to-medium hit, medium stroke, and a medium speed that makes it great for slow hand shading work. The machine comes pre-configured in the box and includes the following: 1 x Machine Body 1 x #5 Motor 1 x Pivot Slide 1 x 3.4mm Stroke Wheel

Symbeos Machines are now available in Classic Titanium, and in limited quantities of Matte Black or Army Green!
Ready to tattoo out of the box.
Durable, lightweight & the highest quality components.
Easy to use - just add your needle, grip & power to start tattooing.
Both RCA & Clip Cord connections off the back of each motor.
Pivot Slide provides a soft-to-medium give - perfect for slow-hand black & grey shading, and color blending.
Interchangeable with all Symbeos Machine Parts so you can run your Symbeos Slow Shading Machine the way you like:
Change your speed with a different Symbeos Motor
Change your Slide for different gives
Change the Stroke Wheel to adjust the stroke length

MACHINE BODY: Made from durable, lightweight and precision-machined 7075 Series aircraft aluminum. Designed to same specs across the board, so you can build any Symbeos Machine you require.

ROTARY MOTOR: Swiss-made MAXON motors, specifically designed for tattooing to reduce noise and vibration. #5 Motor-19mm: Medium speed, low torque

PIVOT SLIDE: Soft-to-medium give by adjusting the thumbscrew, a quarter turn at a time.

STROKE WHEEL: Oversized, German FAG-brand bearings for reduced noise and friction.
3.4mm - medium stroke

Screw driver,
Hex driver,
Lube, and
Extra springs.