Eikon Symbeos Rotary Tattoo System - Flex System

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The Symbeos Flex System features a reduced combination of interchangeable Symbeos machine components from the Deluxe System.

The Symbeos Flex System features a reduced combination of interchangeable Symbeos machine components from the Deluxe System. There are 16 machine tuning configurations possible within the Flex System, giving you the ability to set up a series of Lining or Coloring machines.

The Flex System includes:

  • One Symbeos Machine Body, crafted from 7075 Series Aircraft Aluminum
  • Two adjustable Symbeos Slides (Piston and Cushion) made from wear-resistant Delrin, each uniquely designed to adjust give on your machine and perform in its own way
  • Two different Symbeos Stroke Wheels (3.4mm and 4.0mm) with German-made, FAG-brand bearings, to change your stroke length and control your force
  • Two custom manufactured Symbeos Motors (#4 and #6) to change the speed and torque of your machine
  • A selection of tools, lubricant and replacement parts, to keep your Symbeos machine tuned and running for years to come

Eikon?s history of innovation and design combined with HM?s machine building expertise has brought you a rotary tattoo system that provides tuning flexibility.

Each interchangeable machine component is manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials, allowing you to configure and control your rotary like never before.

Machine Body

The Symbeos Machine Body is the central fixture for building each Symbeos Rotary Tattoo Machine. Precision machined from 7075 Series Aircraft Aluminum, it is durable and lightweight, and designed to accept any combination of Symbeos Slide, Stroke Wheel and Motor. This allows you to create a custom machine suited for the task at hand.

Each machine body features two posts, one at the 4 o?clock position and one at 8 o?clock to attach rubber bands (not included) to for secure needle bar tensioning.

Four Philips head screws on the face can be removed to change the slide. The appropriate screwdriver is included.

Motor Bodies

The Symbeos Deluxe System includes two Swiss-made Maxon Motors in an Aircraft Aluminum body, each motor custom-manufactured for extended life and reduced noise and vibration. Motors are uniquely designed for different performance and tattooing tasks, depending on the other Symbeos components installed. Each motor operates with a different range of speed and torque characteristics - giving you better control.

The two Symbeos Motors included in the Symbeos Deluxe Rotary Tattoo System are:

#4 Motor ? 19mm, Fast Speed, Medium Torque

  • Recommended for lining at 5.5 - 8.0 volts.
  • Recommended for fast hand Black and Grey shading at 5.5 - 7.0 volts.

#6 ? 22mm Medium Speed, High Torque

  • Recommended for solid coloring with larger needle groupings at 6.5 - 8.0 volts.
  • Recommended for large configuration/slow lining at 7.5 - 9.0 volts.
  • Recommended for realistic color blending at 6.0 - 6.5 volts.
  • Recommended for whip shading and dot work at 4.5 - 6.0 volts.

All Motors can be connected to your power supply using RCA or Clipcord connections.


Symbeos Slides are each specifically designed to provide a different, adjustable give characteristic. Each Symbeos Slide is constructed using durable, wear-resistant Delrin. There are two Symbeos Slides included in the Symbeos Flex Rotary Tattoo System:

Piston Slide

Medium to Hard give is provided by the Piston Slide, making it ideal for color packing. The amount of give is controlled by adjusting the thumbscrew clockwise for a firmer hit, and counter-clockwise for a softer hit. The give action of the Piston Slide is accomplished by the armature nipple moving up and down on a post against a compression spring.

Cushion Slide

The give action of the Cushion Slide is accomplished bythe armature nipple being embedded into a rubber Elastomer, resulting in soft to hard give, making the Cushion Slide ideal for lining. Three different Elastomers are provided with the Cushion Slide. Simply use a different color Elastomer to change the cushioning and therefore the give. Use the standard Red for medium give; Black is the firmest for hard give and Blue is the softest for the most give. All slides require lubrication before being placed in the Symbeos Machine Body to prevent friction. Lubricant is included.

Stroke Wheels

Symbeos Stroke Wheels are all fitted with high quality, 10mm German-made, FAG-brand bearings. The larger, 10mm bearing size reduces noise and friction, resulting in less axial play and a longer life. Each Stroke Wheel has it’s individual stroke length stamped upon its casing. Two Symbeos Stroke Wheels are included in the Symbeos Deluxe Rotary Tattoo System: 3.4mm - Medium Stroke 4.0mm - Long Stroke Symbeos machines assembled with 19mm motor weigh approximately 3.8 oz (108 g) Symbeos machines assembled with 22mm motor weigh approximately 4.3 oz (122 g)