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If you’re looking for something to decorate your shop with or you would like some shape ideas for tattoos Powerline have just what you need. We have a fine selection of model skulls and other furniture items available for decorative purposes or for design ideas.

The skulls and other items are beautifully crafted and will look good in anywhere in any shop. They come in a variety of different sizes and prices so that you can choose one to suit all of your needs and expectations.

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  1. MAG Lamp S
    MAG Lamp S
    The MAG Lamp S is a modern and attrac...
    Ex. VAT
  2. Smart Travel Lamp
    Smart Travel Lamp
    This modern, portable and multi-purpo...
    Ex. VAT
  3. Duo Lamp - Table
    Duo Lamp - Table
    This slim, flexible table lamp has a ...
    Ex. VAT
  4. Gemini LED Floor Lamp
    Gemini LED Floor Lamp
    Another addition to our Daylight Comp...
    Ex. VAT
  5. Friction Premium Client Chair
    Friction Premium Client Chair
    Get yourself a fully adjustable, 360 ...
    Ex. VAT
  6. Friction Lite Client Chair
    Friction Lite Client Chair
    Opt for a more modern tattoo client c...
    Ex. VAT
  7. Friction Massage Table
    Friction Massage Table
    The Friction Massage table is designe...
    Ex. VAT
  8. Friction Pro Client Chair & Stool
    Friction Pro Client Chair & Stool
    Want a good tattoo furniture deal? Lo...
    Ex. VAT
  9. Friction Artist Chair
    Friction Artist Chair
    The Friction Tattoo Artist Chair feat...
    Ex. VAT
  10. Friction Mayo Tray
    Friction Mayo Tray
    The Friction Mayo Tattoo Tray has an ...
    Ex. VAT
  11. Friction Wheeled Tray
    Friction Wheeled Tray
    The Friction Wheeled tray will be you...
    Ex. VAT
  12. Friction Elite Armrest
    Friction Elite Armrest
    The Friction Elite Armrest is a light...
    Ex. VAT

Items 1 to 12 of 46 Total

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